ChynaStarr - Blood of Medusa Lookbook

Posted by Joseph Wallace on

Blood of Medusa Collection a special story. The objective of this collection is to bring alive a story of chaos and hope that reflects the world we live in today. A fucked up a president, Millennials as the drug user generation, music state has dumb down. We are currently in the story of Medusa and Perseus, has Perseus slays the queen of chaos, the pegesus was born giving hope to the world.



  • I love the clothes and the shoes but not the girl ugh she is so ugly and that color does not look good on her. Girl Proactiv is only 19.99 go get some for your acne and then try again with the makeup cause it looks so bad

    Sydney on

  • I agree with Ashley. This model is trash and her wigs are trash how you a hair stylist but can’t even come looking correct. And “joe” I know for a fact your the trash ass model commenting use your real name and come step to me.

    Kathy on

  • dumb bitch always something to say lol

    joe on

  • Nice clothes but still could of use a better girl just saying. She tries to look tough but it’s more like she needs to use the bathroom. And dont get me started on her trash ass wig. But again the clothes are fire 🔥

    Ashley on

  • Beautiful Girl, amazing clothes! This one right here is going to bring you bank bro!

    Anonymous on

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