"He is collected. He is decisive. He lives with integrity. He protects his realm. He provides order. He creates and inspires creativity in others. He blesses the lives of others. He leaves a legacy. "
When a man is living the crwnseason lifestyle  in its fullness, he feels that same centering power within himself. Not that he believes the world revolves around him, but rather that his confidence, purpose, and well-being give him a supreme sense of balance. Even when the world around him becomes chaotic, he remains cool, calm, and collected. He acts, rather than reacts.
A man fully engaged with positive King energy is completely present as a man. Because of his position at the center of things, he can survey everything that is going on, soak it all in, and then take a broad view of things. This overarching perspective allows him to remain immovable in the face of the passing and superficial.